Segway Zagreb Tour offers touristic services, particularly several guided tours with an experienced guide and instructor which will show and teach you how to ride the Segway and will also show you the best sights of our city along with its gastronomy and culture.



  • This is the world’s first self-balancing personal transporter and it can really take you anywhere people can go. It’s simple, easy to use and the gyroscopic mechanism ensures that the safety of the rider is complete. It handles the balancing for you, it “senses” your every movement, so the only thing that you need to do is simply balance and enjoy the ride.


  • You can make a reservation for you tour either online via our web page or via e-mail 0-24. You can also make reservations trough a phone call to +385992900620 or +385996029315 at any time between 8 am to 9 pm.
  • All tour reservations must be made by an adult (18+ year old).
  • Also you can make reservations personally by coming by to our office in Vlaška 17.
  • When You make a reservation trough the reservation form, your booking will be confirmed only after You paid the deposit.
  • It’s very important, when filling out the reservations form to fill in all Your personal data correctly.
  • We recommend you to book your tour in advance to secure your spots – especially during the summer season.
  • All prices have VAT already included.


  • We’re waiting for you in Vlaška 17, where also the finish line for our tours is. Our office is in the near proximity to the main square of the city of Zagreb.
  • In case you’re going to be late, please inform us on time so we can rearrange everything or maybe offer you some other time that might fit you better.


  • Before the start of the tour you’re going to fill out a bit of the paperwork, the Registration and the Liability Waiver form (in case of any damage you are fully responsible to cover the costs), but we promise you this is all the paperwork you’re going to do.
  • All riders are required to wear a helmet at all times and a helmet is provided to you at no additional charge.
  • For safety reasons, to be able to use the Segway properly, your weight should be between 40 and 120 kg.
  • The minimum age for riding the Segway PT is 13 and after that only the sky is the limit. 😉
  • Any minor (age 13 to 18) should have an adult to accompany him on the ride or before the ride to sign the Liability Waiver form for them.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed on the Segway because of the possible risk it may present for the mother and child.
  • All guests must be capable to quickly and easily step on and off the Segway PT where the necessary range of motion to handle the Segway means that you are able to transfer the weight from one foot to another while walking.
  • Riding the Segway PT means also you are able to stand on your feet for longer period of time.
  • Any of the participants that are under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance will not be allowed to participate the tour.
  • In case you book a tour and any of your guests don’t meet the requirements mentioned above regarding the safety guidelines, the guide is allowed to not start the tour.



  • Before the tour start, the basic Segway PT training is included into the price of the tour and your instructor/guide will show you everything you need to know to handle your Segway PT safely and professionally so your Segway PT experience is nothing but fun. We won’t start the tour until you feel as comfortable on the Segway as you do on the solid ground.
  • We’re riding on sidewalks and on bicycle paths according to the laws in our city.


  • We pay close attention to the group and to the safety guidelines so our groups are formed of maximum 6 people accompanied by 1 guide. If the groups get bigger then the group will be split for safety reasons.


  • We recommend you come to the meeting point at least 10 minutes before your tour start time. We have more starting times during the day so if you arrive much earlier it still means we’re going to start your tour at your arranged time.
  • Dress in something casual so you are comfortable during the ride, avoid long dresses. We highly recommend you to wear also some comfortable closed shoes, sneakers would be best, but any shoe you feel comfortable in will be ok. Avoid wearing high heels or flip flops and if you’re wearing sandals, make sure they’re strapped on securely.
  • Each Segway PT has a handlebar bag which can easily store small personal belongings, such as bags, purses, wallets, cameras, cellphones, etc.… Anything bigger than this will not fit in the bag so you can leave those to be kept at our meeting location. Segway Zagreb Tour is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


  • Along the tour your guide will stop on the main locations in the city and you are free to take as much photos as you prefer but, for your safety, do that while you are not in motion. If you’d like to take photos on some place where the guide didn’t stop, inform the guide and agree with him to wait for a minute while you take your snapshot. Please, also, keep in mind to respect the time of other people in your group.


  • We will always attempt to reschedule your tour if possible according to our business practices and the availability of our guides, tickets and Segway’s.
  • Minimum 6 hours’ notice of cancellation is required before your tour starts. You can provide the notification of cancellation either in person, via telephone, or via email. 100% refunds will be given if the cancellation is made outside of the 6-hour period. No refunds will be given for any reason within 6 hours of the tour start time.




  • All our tours are in standard English language, but per request we can arrange a guide for you for the language you might prefer, for the additional guide fee, just mention that when you make the reservation for your tour so we have enough time to arrange everything.


  • Unfortunately, we don’t rent the Segway’s to individuals without the guide.


  • No matter sun or rain, we still can ride and we have extra rain protection in our office that is offered at no cost to you. However, if lightning, heavy rain, high winds, bitter cold, or high heat is present or in the forecast, we’re going to try to re-schedule your tour.


  • If you need to use one, there’s one at our office, so we got everything covered.


  • We’re lead by the fact that every person is an individual so we try to follow up on that as much as we can so we try to completely give our guests what they want. So if you want to take a tour, we take you on a tour, if you just want to ride around, no problem at all – we’re just going to ride around and have fun! Simple as that!!